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Whatever your dreams may be, success depends on the quality of your decisions. Decisions are most accurately made when all success influencers are understood. LeapFrogBI provides decision makers the information needed to understand the relevant environment and make quality decisions.

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The LeapFrogBI Platform makes agile data warehousing possible. Fast, Efficient, & Flexible Packaged Solutions solve common data integration needs. Why start from scratch?
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With simple metadata driven design LFBI captures interdependencies and depicts complex transformations step-by-step. When using LFBI for industrial grade ETL I’m amazed at how it accelerates development, seamlessly documents, and then yields a complete solution including persistent staging, parallel execution, and 360° reports. Streamlined maintenance means LFBI adeptly pays-for-itself. Wholeheartedly recommend!
— Rob Newkirk, Inventor and Author of SQL Defrag Manager