Agile Data Mart Development Platform

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LeapFrogBI greatly reduces the time & resources required to transform data from disparate systems into data marts capable of supporting reliable cross functional analysis. Best practices are built into the platform which provides a simple interface for designing extraction, transformation, and load (ETL) components. By working at a high level organizations can achieve agile processes while maintaining unhindered customization abilities to meet unique needs.

15 Minute Data Mart - Product Tour

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In this 15 minutes video you will witness an entire data mart being created in real time! LeapFrogBI is transforming traditional data warehouse development into a fast and flexible process. By using LeapFrogBI you can spend 75% less time completing development tasks as compared to traditional methods.

Why Build A Data Mart?

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Data marts provide organizations with information needed to make informed decisions related to a focused subject area. Often a single line of business’s data will be contained in a data mart. By combining multiple data marts while maintaining “conformed dimensions” (Ralph Kimball) a data warehouse is created. Business intelligence reporting tools consume data from a data mart or data warehouse.

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LeapFrogBI News

Create & Share Your Data Dictionary
Posted: 2014-05-01
LeapFrogBI streamlines the creation, maintenance and sharing of a data dictionary. Simply provide a text description for components and fields online, and the rest is automated! Data consumers can easily access the dictionary via the monitoring solution which delivers a wealth of prebuilt SSRS reports.

Enhanced Naming Standard Support
Posted: 2014-04-13
Naming standards play an important role in ensuring that data models are easy to understand & navigate. Naming standards also simplify ongoing maintenance and knowledge transfer. LeapFrogBI now offers enhanced naming standard options making is easier than ever to enforce a naming standard while also allowing for customization as needed.

LeapFrogBI Supports SQL Server 2014!
Posted: 2014-04-01
SQL Server 2014 has arrived with a very nice set of new functionality. LeapFrogBI projects can now be deployed to SQL Server 2014 by simply selecting your target platform. Already have a project set to deploy to an earlier version of SQL Server? No problem. Update the target platform, queue a build, and deploy!

New & Improved Monitoring Reports
Posted: 2014-03-23
LeapFrogBI’s out of the box reporting just got better. Precedence reports make load execution monitoring available to anyone with a web browser. Jump straight to job history and get details on any process. No coding required. Be sure to deploy the LeapFrogBI monitoring solution along with each project deployment.

Upgrading SQL Server? No Problem.
Posted: 2014-03-19
LeapFrogBI projects can deploy to all SQL Server version from 2008 through 2012 (2014 coming soon). Even better, existing projects are forward and backward compatible. Change the target system anytime without the hassle of converting SSIS packages. Simply set the new target system, queue a build job, and deploy.

Turn On Snapshot Rollbacks in 5 Seconds
Posted: 2014-02-13
Have you ever had the need to rollback your project to a point prior to the last load process? Well, it is easier than ever to do so with the Snapshot Rollback feature. Turn the feature on, and always know that you can roll the project back to the exact state that existed prior to the last load process.

New Design Patterns – PSA Soft Delete
Posted: 2014-01-28
Two new design patterns are now available. These design patterns, DP-4100 & DP-4101, generate all required components and related logic to track source system deletes via a soft delete tracking field in PSA. Standardize on these design patterns and adjust to meet unique needs as required. Get the job done in seconds and stay agile!

Faster Dimension Loads
Posted: 2014-01-07
This initial load of a dimension can be a resource intensive process. The situation gets even tougher when the dimension’s natural key is not optimal; composite and/or string data types. The new D1003 template is up to the challenge. Give it a try and experience 40% to 90% performance increase!