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Upfront Cost

Ongoing Cost

Product Updates

Supported Data Sources

Stage & Consolidate

Operational Data Store

Data Warehouse

Dimensional Modeling

Cube Generation

Deploy to SQL Server

Zero Post-Deployment Dependencies

Generate Native Code

Target Schema Managed

Multiple Environment Support

Automated Load Execution

Load Status Notifications

Load Monitoring

Easy Load Rollback

Incremental Load

Change Detection

Unlimited Customization

Visual Data Flow Diagram

Data Lineage Tracked

Incremental Dev (Agile)

Enforce Naming Standards

Data Dictionary


$950 per month

(no contract)


Any source

WhereScape Red

$50,000 per developer

20% of purchase

cost every year

Download and install

Any source


$50,000 per server

+ $4,000 per developer

20% of purchase

cost every year

Download and install

Any source