Business Intelligence as a Service

Just add data.

A Truly Complete BI Solution

Reporting Tools Alone Aren’t Enough

Even the best reporting software money can buy is only as good as the data you load into it. Business intelligence requires your diverse source data to be integrated, cleansed and transformed before it is ever loaded into any business intelligence tool.

Reporting tools aren’t designed to handle the necessary data preparation. In fact, no tool of any kind can solve this problem completely. It takes a combination of software, hardware and the application of proven methodology and expertise to develop a complete BI solution.

Is BI as a Service Right For You?

BIaaS is the simplest and fastest path to business intelligence success. This secure solution in the cloud includes the infrastructure and software as well as data modeling and ETL, and report authoring services. Everything you need is included for a fixed monthly fee, with no up-front costs.

If you’d prefer to manage the solution on premise, we offer consulting services to help you get it right. But if you’re looking for an end-to-end solution with zero hassles, our unique BIaaS was designed just for you.

Let’s Compare

Building an end-to-end business intelligence solution the traditional way is expensive, and often unsuccessful. With BIaaS you leverage our unique expertise to develop an enterprise-grade solution correctly and efficiently. At the same time the BIaaS subscription model eliminates 100% of the upfront costs and provides greater value at a lower ongoing cost. 


Data Center






Bandwidth, Environment, Power, Redundancy, Security

Servers, Storage, Network, Racks, Cables, Firewall

OS, Database, ETL, DWA, Cube, Reporting

Initial Implementaion & Ongoing Enhancements

Monitoring, Maintenance, End User Support

BI as a Service






$7,500 mo

Est. DIY Cost

$5K upfront + $1.5K mo

$40K upfront + $1.5K mo

$40K upfront + $1K mo

$50K upfront + $12K mo

$0 upfront + $8K mo

$135K upfront + $24K mo

Advantages of BI as a Service


By letting us do the work you will achieve BI success in the least amount of time possible. Our proven agile BI methodology and extensive use of automation mean you will start seeing results almost immediately.


Our licensing arrangements and economies of scale translate into a low total cost of ownership for you. With no up-front implementation fees and a fixed monthly rate you get predictable costs, avoiding surprise expenses down the road.


Business intelligence and data warehousing are notoriously difficult, but don’t have to be. We take care of everything, and our standard monthly pricing with no contract makes it easy to get started immediately without having to negotiate a statement of work.


When you opt for BIaaS we provide the same guidance and resources that our agile BI services clients receive, but with less risk. By personally handling all aspects of the solution we can ensure the entire solution meets our exacting standards and accomplishes your objectives.

How BIaaS Works

LeapFrogBI BIaaS combines a stable, secure and highly scalable data warehouse infrastructure in the cloud with our unique agile BI development process. We’ll solve your data and reporting challenges as an ongoing process rather than a project. This allows you to make quick gains without having to develop a master plan on day one. Your business and data never stop evolving, and neither should your business intelligence solution.

Your custom solution will be hosted on Microsoft Azure and will utilize the SQL Server platform.  We offer the choice of Power BI or Tableau reporting applications as part of our standard offering.  If you prefer another reporting application you can supply the license and we’ll integrate it for you. All components, including software configuration, updates and performance tuning are managed by LeapFrogBI. Best of all, you own the data model, the ETL code and all reports developed, making it easy to bring it in house at any time if desired.

BI as a Service Subscription Includes…

  • While not technically required to develop your data warehouse, we load all source data into a PSA to reduce risk and increase flexibility.

  • Do you have any dirty data?  Nearly everyone has some type of data quality issue that needs to be dealt with.  In some cases this problem is handled with simple solutions, and in other cases it takes a focused effort and dedicated applications to mitigate data quality issues.  In either case, we have you covered.  All BIaaS subscriptions include data quality management.

  • Perhaps the most important advantage of a data warehouse is the ability to integrate and align data from multiple sources into a single and complete view of your business activity. 

  • Of the various data solutions available, none offers faster query performance or higher ease of use than a dimensionally modeled data warehouse. We’ll analyze the complexity of your data and reporting requirements and, if appropriate, architect a dimensional model specifically for your business.

  • LeapFrogBI will develop the ETL code that transforms your data into human-readable, well organized information that reflects your business rules and logic, making it easy to grasp its meaning. 

  • It is important to have an enterprise definition for important entities such as location, customer, and product.  Source systems, at times, are not able to adequately manage these entities.  This is where a master data solution comes in.  We will make sure that you have to the tools needed to manage business entities efficiently regardless of your system of record limitations.  And again, this is included as part of all BIaaS subscriptions.

  • These are the mainstay of any BI solution. We’ll translate your reporting requirements into efficient visualizations that answer your critical business questions and allow you to make fact-based decisions. There’s no limit to the number of reports you can have.  We’ll keep creating them one at a time until you run out of ideas.

  • Have your KPIs at your fingertips, updated daily, with unlimited dashboards. If you can dream it, we can build it.

  • Your BIaaS reporting solution makes it easy to get information to the right people at the right time.  Distribute reports on a predefined schedule via email, file share, or link directly to live reports.

  • It can be challenging and time consuming to review reports every day looking for changes. Instead you can set limits for any measure in any report and receive a notification automatically when your conditions are met. 

  • One of the great strengths of this solution is the potential for self-service analysis made possible by combining intelligent data warehouse design with a modern reporting tool like Power BI or Tableau. With the ability to instantly drag and drop facts and dimensional data into tables and smart charts you can explore your data in ways you’ve never considered while developing new insights at the speed of thought.

  • By default LeapFrogBI BIaaS comes with  the option to use Power BI Pro or Tableau as the reporting interface. If you’d prefer to use a different tool instead, you can supply the license and we’ll be happy to integrate it for you. (additional fees may apply) 

  • In addition to designing and developing your data warehouse, we supply everything necessary to host, load and maintain it.  We also provide a state of the art reporting interface. There are no environments to manage and no licenses to buy. It’s all included in your monthly subscription.

  • We offer a subscription that accommodates unlimited data sources because the more data your warehouse contains, the more powerful it will be. For Small and Medium plan subscribers we’ll help you prioritize your data sources for inclusion into the solution and add them at your request. For Large plan subscribers we’ll continue to add sources until it contains all of the relevant data needed for analysis. For all plans we’ll continue to update the solution as your data changes, or when old systems are upgraded.

  • Starting on day one, and as long as you continue to use BIaaS, LeapFrogBI will provide the necessary coordination and will guide you through every step of the process. We’ll provide regular updates, and check in frequently to ensure that all of your needs are being met.

  • As new versions of software are released and become stable your custom data warehouse will be seamlessly redeployed. You’ll always have access to the latest features and performance. 

  • We think you will love the many benefits that BIaaS offers, but we also never want you to feel trapped.  Upon request, we will transfer to you all assets that were created as part of your BIaaS subscription.  It’s just that simple.

  • Data warehouses are never a “set it and forget it” affair. Your data and requirements will shift constantly over time, and your reporting solution must shift with them. By choosing LeapFrogBI to create, administer and maintain your end-to-end BI solution, you reduce risks dramatically. Our month-to-month subscription model gives us a vested interest in your long-term success so you can rest assured that when you need anything related to BI in any way we’ll be there to help.

Getting Started with BIaaS is Easy

Signup online to begin a 14-day, no-risk trial. After our initial discussions if you decide not to proceed you’ll never be charged. If you choose to continue, all BIaaS subscriptions are month-to-month so you can cancel anytime. Your data and all the ETL assets always remain your property.

Small $7,500

per month

Everything You Need to Get Started

Designed and Developed to Your Requirements

All Infrastructure Included

Unlimited Development

Unlimited Support

Unlimited Reports

Unlimited Pre-defined Reports Users

Self-Serve BI Options*

15 Power BI Pro Users

5 Tableau Users

1 Data Source

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Medium $10,000

per month

As Your Needs Grow, So Does The Solution

Designed and Developed to Your Requirements

All Infrastructure Included

Unlimited Development

Unlimited Support

Unlimited Reports

Unlimited Pre-defined Reports Users

Self-Serve BI Options*

30 Power BI Pro Users

10 Tableau Users

2-3 Data Sources

Start Free Trial
Large $12,500 +

per month

Supports Even The Largest Organizations

Designed and Developed to Your Requirements

All Infrastructure Included

Unlimited Development

Unlimited Support

Unlimited Reports

Unlimited Pre-Defined Reports Users

Self-Serve BI Options*

45+ Power BI Pro Users

15+ Tableau Users

4+ Data Sources

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get more information?

Drop us a note and we’ll get right back to you.

How does the free trial work?

If you are not completely satisfied with any subscription you may cancel any time within the trial period and you will never be charged.

How long is the subscription term?

All subscriptions are month-to-month.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You may cancel, or even pause your subscription by contacting any time before the first day of the subscription month.

How do I change my subscription?

You may upgrade or downgrade your subscription simply by contacting any time before the first day of the subscription month.

How do you bill, and how can I pay?

We’ll invoice for BIaaS at the start of each subscription month and you can pay by check or by credit card for a small service fee upon request.

How long will it take to implement?

We’ll begin the discovery process immediately after you subscribe to BI as a Service.  Our proven agile BI development methodology is designed to deliver initial results quickly, eliminate long upfront requirements gathering, and remain flexible to accommodate changing needs.  In most cases we are able to deliver results within the first couple of weeks.  Unlike traditional BI projects, development will continue indefinitely as we continue to focus on your top priorities and work our way through your backlog of features and reports.

Do all of the plans include a dimensionally modeled data warehouse?

Our guiding principle is to provide you with the best solution for your specific needs. If your needs can be met with a simpler data solution in less time, we’ll start there. If a data warehouse is appropriate we’ll develop it regardless of the plan you choose.

Can I use my existing front-end BI tool?

If you already have licenses for Power BI Pro or Tableau we can utilize them and offer you a break on the monthly subscription fee.  We can also make arrangements for you to utilize existing licenses for Cognos, Business Objects or other tools on a case-by-case basis. Contact us for pricing.